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Networking... One Letter Away from Not Working

One generally associates "Networking" with meeting new people. In actuality, networking is an exchange of information, resources and ideas. It is the very thing that connects the businesswoman and the waiter, the CEO and the mail clerk. Those people not networking on a consistent basis will be limited in their scope and ability to achieve desired results and goals. There is no better method of exchanging information, getting advice, sharing ideas, connecting with others and getting the support you need than through effective, ethical networking techniques.

Participants will learn to:

  • Gain visibility
  • Become more involved
  • "Work a room"
  • Rethink and redefine their resources
  • Be alert and open to new possibilities
  • Give as well as get - mutual exchanges
  • Identify gaps in their network and build a web for themselves
  • Invest in their support group
  • Interconnect, seek and create alliance for mutual benefit and support

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