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Meeting Management

What you could accomplish if you spent half as much time in meetings? If your organization eliminated just one unproductive meeting, what could you do with the savings?

  • Is your company spending too much time meeting?
  • Is a meeting even necessary?
  • Do your meetings last too long?
  • Do your meetings fail to end with results or, even worse, produce unwanted results?
  • Are the right people being invited to attend meetings?
  • Do meetings prevent your employees from finishing their work?
  • Is there an appropriate process in place for your meetings to gather information, find results and make decisions?
  • How do you deal with unproductive participants?

Participants will learn to:

  • Develop techniques to better define goals, identify and analyze the audience
  • Establish leadership and participant roles
  • Keep meetings on track
  • Handle monopolizers, interrupters and other obstacles

Your meetings will be shorter and you'll walk away with direction, focus and better results.

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