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Connected But Not Connecting: The Lost Art of Communication

The world of work is changing so fast that few of us can keep up. We are more “connected” via technology than ever before and yet we simply are not “connecting.” Messages are getting lost somewhere between multi-tasking or interpretation by others whose gender, age, cultural or work experience are far different than our own.

  • Imagine what you could accomplish if everyone got along.

  • Imagine if your organization eliminated one misunderstanding - the savings in time, do-overs and wages.

  • Imagine if your business secured one important sale-the profit that could bring to your bottom-line.

Participants will learn to:

  1. Develop relationships that build rapport and respect
  2. Communicate with individuals at all levels
  3. Give and receive instructions so that they are not just heard but understood
  4. Understand diverse cultures, age, gender, language and personality types
  5. Interpret non-verbal cues more accurately
  6. Listen and speak in order to achieve desired goals
  7. Improve teamwork, cooperation and interpersonal skills


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